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Lancer Disciple
Among all the final fantasies series, the 14th series gives you the most intriguing experience as you explore the fantasy world of war. In order to survive in the fictional world of Eorzea, you need the most efficient disciple of war to help you with the struggle against the challenging obstacles. The Lancer disciple is the most effective war disciple to use in combat since it's equipped with the most advanced weapons and skills. However, the lancer can be upgraded into a dragoon by equipping it with specific items. Here is vital information that describe disciple lancer and it's tremendous abilities:

What is the role of the lancer?

The Lancer is an extremely versatile combatant with long pole arms. You can therefore use the lancer to fight from a distance and strategically safe position. It has a superb jumping abilities and this enables it to deal with multiple enemies. Since the lancer is equipped with spikes, you can use it to attack the opponents from the backs or flanks. You can also attack multiple enemies simultaneously if you are either surrounded or approached in a line formation. The lancer has been acknowledged for it's long spear and the throwing javelin that you can use to easily damage the target.

What are the traits of the lancer?

- Enhanced blood for blood.

This is attained after completing level 44 and it allows you to improve damage of the blood for blood up to 30%. This effectively increases your life time and you can therefore continue with your quest without any critical damage of the blood for blood.

- Enhanced strength I, II and III.

After you've completed level 8, you achieve extra ability that enhances your strength by 2 points. This makes your lancer more stronger than before and it therefore becomes more effective in the damaging of the target. However, in level 16 and level 24, you can increase your level strength by 4 points and 6 points respectively. From level 24, you can therefore trust the war disciple in combat since it would have incredible strength.

- Enhanced feints.

Since the lancer is a trained combatant, it has diverse skills in dealing with the targets and this includes confusing the opponents. At level 14, the war disciple achieves enhancement on its previous feints, and this facilitates in the combat. There is an extension of slow duration imposed by the feints up to 20 seconds.

- Enhanced leg sweep.
At the completion of level 28, the leg sweep of your lancer war disciple is enhanced and it therefore makes it more difficult for the opponents to dodge. The leg sweep recast are shortened to 20 seconds.

- Heavier thrust.
Your thrust is enhanced once you complete level 40. The duration is extended to 20 seconds and you can therefore inflict fatal damage on the target.

What are the abilities of the Lancer?

- Dragonfire dive.
If the enemies get close to your lancer, you can use the dragon fire dive. It allows you to deliver fire attacks with a potency of two hundred and fifty to the nearby opponents.

- Jump.

The lancer is popular for its incredible jump. You can therefore deliver a jump attack to your enemies with a potency of two hundred. The ability also allows you to resume your original position after you make the jump attack.

- Elusive jump attack and the spineshatter dive.

The ability of the lancer does not only allow you to make an ordinary jump attack, but it also enables you to make advanced jump attacks like the elusive jump attacks and the spineshatter dive attack. The elusive jump allows you to jump 15 steps behind your original position while removing any bind effects. The spineshatter also allows you to jump with potency of one hundred and seventy.

- Power surge.

This ability enables you to increase the damage inflicted by the jump attack or a spineshatter dive.

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FF 14
You all know that carpenter is well known for working with wood. It may be carving or cutting. They are capable of building a variety of furniture, weapons, structures, armor and wooden masks for the religious ceremonies. In the game of final fantasy 14, the carpenter seems to use its expertise in offering the best crafts for Denizens of the Eorzea. With the help of handsaw the carpenter will plies his trade. This article about describe disciple carpenter will help you in knowing the role played by him in the game.

For the crafting based classes, carpenters are most useful in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This is because the classic variety of useful tools and weapons can be created by them. The carpentry players can create staves, pole arms, shields, wooden made masks, craft bows, armor pieces and other weapons. It would be helpful for the players who are using Gladiator, Archer or Lancer.

Carpenters are very handy for the players who choose to take gathering or crafting. They can create great fishing poles, spinning wheels, grinding wheels and clogs which are important tools for fishing, gold smiting crafts and weaving. If you are willing to start your adventure as a carpenter then you should speak to Corgg who is the receptionist of the Carpenter’s Guild.

Leveling up of a carpenter

Throughout the 50 levels, if you want to make the way within the carpentry craft then you should create a large variety of items and you need to ensure that you are swapping out the recipes for the higher levels once you are able to do it. If you go through the leveling guide you will get the full walk through on how to level up in the class, about mastering the disciplines crafts, how to gain tons of Gil and much more.

Quests of Carpentry

Similar to other classes in the game, you will find different carpenter specific quests on which you can embark. The NPCs found in the Carpenter’s Guild will help you in obtaining the quests. In these missions you need to craft certain items. After completing each task, you will gain an experience on carpentry, some crafting mats, bit of Gil and similar items.

List of Carpentry Quests

· My first saw

· A carpenter in need

· Growing apart

· The Lance’s lesson

· Way of the carpenter

· Saving captain Gairhard

· Crisis of confidence

· To be wood

· In Yew we trust

· Memento Mori

· Supplies for sick and much more

· Carpenter crafting gear

Accessories and pieces of armor are included in the crafting gear which helps you in improving the speed, performance or quality of the crafter. Carpenter’s primary tools are hammers and saws which usually add dexterity and vitality attributes. The craftsmanship and control will directly affect the process synthesis of crafting. Having gear along with you will help you in making progress with each and every action thus producing a higher quality item. It also increases the durability of tools, armor and weapons which you create. Hope the article on describe disciple carpenter helps you while playing the game.

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FF14 Interface
If you want to get starting playing the newest Final Fantasy game, you should take the time to learn more about the basic control scheme that you can get. Think about learning the new FF 14 interface, since this could prepare you to take on some of the challenges that you see within the game. There are quite a few different people that have found that the new control system is simpler and much easier to use than some that have been introduced in the past. This may allow the game to be more accessible to many people out there, which may broaden its user base.

You should first just realize that you can utilize a few simple controls to move your character throughout different worlds. Like many other Final Fantasy games, you will be given the chance to interact with the world in a number of different ways. Expect to meet many other players and NPCs throughout the game. This may chance up the experience you get with each play through, which can help many people get the enjoyment that they want to experience. Learn to use some of these controls, because it can help you learn tips and tricks you need to level up your character and complete quests.

It is also important to note that the basic control scheme actually differs between the PC version and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. If you try out the PC version, you will get the option to use a point and click control scheme. Some abilities can also be activated when you use the keyboard controls. When you are playing the PlayStation 3 controller, you will need to think about whether you can use different button control schemes to make this happen for you as well. There are a few stylistic differences that you could expect, so think about whether you may be able to try both versions out soon.

There are different FF 14 interface styles depending on the different modes that you play. When you are exploring the world and playing through the typical levels that you see, you will notice that there is a heads up display. This can help streamline the gaming experience and allow players to see different items around them. They can also navigate through different maps more easily, so it will pay off to learn how to use the FF 14 interface that has been designed. Like many other games in the past, FF 14 also has its own unique combat system. You will need to think about whether you can learn to use the PC or PS3 controls to master this as well.

Finally, there has been a new inventory system that has been integrated for FF 14 players. This has its own unique interface, which you may need to learn while you play. You won't see item names listed, so you should try to memorize the appearance of different items that you may need. This could take some work, so get practice and work with the controls to make this easier on yourself.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

If you want to describe disciple arcanist you will have to start by recognizing its position as one of foundation elements of the Final fantasy XIV armory system, one of the four to be precise, namely Hand, war, land and magic, with each discipline broken down further into classes, the magic discipline attributed with Conjurer, thaumaturge, and arcanist, most descriptions classifying them as those that wield grimoires and summon familiars.

To describe disciple arcanist, you will have to speak of their adeptness in the arcanum art, whose power lies in their capability to wield magic via geometric symbols and techniques whose origins can be traced beyond the southern seas.
The power of these symbols is stored within their magic grimories and are purposed to mold and shape one's aether, making available the power to generate a great many spells.

The arcanist can wield two types of soul crystals, namely:

- Summoner- summoner arcanists are endowed with the ability to both dish out great damage as well as weather it, hence assigned the term 'tankers'. These possess the power to summon beasts known as primals-more specifically their Eorzean essence- that will fight for them as well as besides them. The power of the primals harks back to Eorzea's beast tribes and the worship they accorded to Titan, Ifrit and Garuda, the beings they summoned, bowing to them as gods while many other cities viewed as threats.

The power of the summoner isn't merely to bring forth these great beasts but to tap into their essence and manipulate their power as if it were their own, thus elevating their abilities in comparison to the average arcanist.

- Scholar- this is an expert in magic, one that manipulates creatures known as fairies, whose purpose isn't to enter combat directly but, form a distance, provide support, specifically with regards to healing combatants and boosting stats.

The origin of the scholar harks back to a time of war, when man's mastery over the arcane arts brought about devastation; even within the midst of earth breaking incantations and powers, one insignificant state called Nym, on the Island of Vylbrand, managed to beat back countless incursions of conquest from greater foes through their command of faeries, whose secret power lay in their ability to heal the wounded and augment the strength of the fighting.

Purpose- in describing the role that arcanists play, one will speak of the powerful damage they are capable of dealing over time, while rebuffing this damage against themselves; their exist similarities with Thaumaturge -the old skill set- with the exception of additional abilities purposed for restoration and support.

- In order to describe disciple arcanist you will also speak of its two availed carbuncle to select form, namely the spell casting focused Emerald carbuncle and the tanking/physical attacks focused Topaz carbuncle.

- Skills- among the arcanists wide ranging skill set is the 100 points dealing Ruin, along with Bio, dealing a paltry 10 points, not as powerful as Miasmi, seemingly paltry yet long term in that it only deals 5 damage but every turn.

The arcanist best plays his role, as a summoner, at the front line, utilizing the ability to inundate the enemy with armies of beasts, and at the back as a scholar, providing healing and support.

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